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by David Tanny!

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PhonyShopped Products PhonyShopped Products Complete Wacky Packages Selection Available Acufat Angry Cat (Cat Food) Aquastale Toothpaste Bars Candy Bar Bone Soap Bust Foods Mayonaise Care*Less Bubble Gum Cuckoo Cola Funny DeFright Orange Juice Hate Cola HiC! Fruit Medicine Jerk in the Box Jumbo Jerk Maxhell Cassette Tape Minute Mad Orange Juice PassiVision Test Pattern Video Game Cartridge Pestle Crud Candy Bar Pestle Quak Pig Newtons Pizza What? Puke Man Cereal Simon's Uglyrest Mattress Sneerios Cereal Tic Tac Toe Mints TV Crap Magazine Wrong Guard Deodorant
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