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The Wacky Stickers Timeline

1960: Leaf's Foney Ads (Mr. Foney's Funnies by Leaf)
1962: Leaf's Foney Ads (re-release of the 1960 series) (Mr. Foney's Funnies by Leaf)
1967: Topps' Wacky Packages Die-Cut Series
1969: Topps' Wacky Ads
1973: Fleer's Crazy Covers
1973-1974: Topps' Wacky Posters
1973-1977: Topps' Original Wacky Packages Run Series 1-16
1974: Wacky Package Tattoos
1974: Wacky Packages Key Rings
1974: Topps' Wacky Placks (not a typo)
1974: Topps' Wacky Patches
1974: Daffy Patches by Three Fish Inc.
1974?: Kooky Patches by N.G. Slater Corporation
The two above gave a good challenge to Topps' with their own Wacky patch lines for a year.
1976: Crazy Cars (Wonder Bread)
late 1970s: Goofy Groceries
1979: Fleer's Crazy Labels
1970-1980: Topp's Rerun Series 1-4 (featuring one held-back release seen in Rerun Series 4)
1980: Fleer's Chug-a-Can/Crazy Cans Series 1-4
1980: Topps' Wacky Cans
1981: Topps' Irish Test Series (in Great Britian with some titles not in the U.S. series)
1982: Topps' Album (featuring a few new titles and an updated "TV Garbage")
1985: Zilly Zereal (by Fun Foods)
1985: Topps' Irish Series (in Great Britian with some titles not in the U.S. series)
1985: Topps' Wacky Package Series of 1985
1986: Topps' Album (77 sticker set)
1991: Topps' Wacky Package Series of 1991
1993: Active Marketing's Defective Comics (parodies of covers of comic magazines)
1994: Topps' Wacky Pogs (subset)
1997: Freakie Cereal Stickers
2001: Inkworks' Simpsons Mania! (includes the Packy Wacks subset)
2001: Pranky Products
2002: Galaxy Goons (by NostalgiCards)
2002-2010: Newmamm's Package Parodies/Lie Cuts Series
2003-2011: Silly Supermarket Series
2004: Lost Wackys (some unauthorized reproductions of earlier releases and some never submitted to Topps)
2004: Quacky Cardz (by Jiles Productions)
2004-2013: Topps' All New Series Wacky Packages Run Series 1-11
2008: Topps' Flashback Series I and II
2010-2014: Topps' Old School Series 1-5
2011: Wax Eye Productions' Cereal Killers
2011: Wacky Erasers
2012: 2012 Topps' Wacky Packages Posters Series 1
2014: Topps' Wacky Packages 2014 Series 1
2014: Topps' Canceled Proposed Star Wars Sticker Series
2014: Topps' Wacky Packages 2014 Chrome Series
2015: Topps' Wacky Package Series of 2015
2016: Galactic Groceries
2016: Topps' Wacky Packages MLB Series
2017: Topps' 50th Anniversary Wacky Package Series of 2017
2017: Topps' Old School Series 6
2018: Wacky Packages Go To The Movies 2018
2018: Topps' Mars Attacky Packages Series 1 2018
2018: Topps' Old School Series 7
2019: Topps' Mars Attacky Packages Series 2 2019
2019: Mark Parisi's "Off The Mark-et" rejected Wackys set
2019: Topps' Old School Series 8
2020: Topps' Mars Attacky Packages Series 3 2020
2020: Topps' Wacky Package Wednesdays (began in May 2020, ended in December)
2020: Super Impulse (under licence by Topps Inc.) Wacky Package Minis 1 (July 2020)
2020: Topps' Mars Attacky Packages Series 4 2020
2020: Jon Gregory's Brand Busters 2020
2020: Topps' Old School Series 9
2021: Topp's Wacky Package Monthly (began in January 2021)
2021: Super Impulse (under licence by Topps Inc.) Wacky Package Minis 2 (January 2021)
2021?: Product Parodies (my own line, tba)
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