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Crazy Labels Series (1979)

American Distress Credit Card [1979]
Arash Spring [1979]
Bananacin Aspirin [1979]
Beaver Fur Dinner [1979]
Binds Ketchup [1979]
BO-5 [1979]
Bugs Diapers [1979]
Bullseye Green Beans [1979]
Cannibals Jungle Soup [1979]
Cannon Camera [1979]
Chopped Stick Lip Balm [1979]
Coaloil Herbicidel Essence [1979]
Colorots Bleech [1979]
Crampfire Marshmallows [1979]
Dandi Flush [1979]
Dare Eat Those Tortilla Chips [1979]
Dessert X Fungus Food [1979]
Doctor Scorch [1979]
Done In Yogurt [1979]
Draines Burpers [1979]
Elastic Pickles [1979]
Ex Con Motor Oil [1979]
Fan Anti Perspirant [1979]
Fatal Touch [1979]
Fear Detergent [1979]
Fizzle Lean [1979]
Flamey Shaving Cream [1979]
Fool Cigarettes [1979]
Hamburger Belcher [1979]
Hungry Mans Last Meal [1979]
If Peanut Butter [1979]
J.B. Booze [1979]
Joke Cola [1979]
Kooky Glue [1979]
Krac Two Razors [1979]
Kracked Barrel [1979]
Liptune Tea Bags [1979]
Litely Beer [1979]
Lowbrow Beer [1979]
Mad Itch [1979]
Maimed Toothwaste [1979]
Max Smell House [1979]
Miracle Whiffs [1979]
Nausea Zit Cream [1979]
Nice And Sleazy [1979]
Nobull Motor Oil [1979]
Perspiration H [1979]
Pestea [1979]
Pierres Water [1979]
Risk Cleaner [1979]
Sad Trash Bags [1979]
Saggies Bags [1979]
Schlepps Water [1979]
Sealed Best Slush [1979]
Sik Lighter [1979]
Singeford Charcoal [1979]
Smell Sham Phew [1979]
Soggies Diapers [1979]
Spitghetti [1979]
Stanka Coffee [1979]
Strip Ex [1979]
Sunburnt [1979]
Swet Ones [1979]
Twenty First Century [1979]
Ty One On Tablets [1979]
U Eight Juice [1979]
U.S. Fail [1979]
Weak Thins Cracker [1979]
Windy's Burgers [1979]

Puzzle Pieces

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